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Focus on me

As I stepped into 2021, I had accepted the events of change that transpired throughout 2020 and to go with the flow. To implement knowledge, wisdom, self-belief, growth and intention but how was I to do that? During 2020, because of Covid-19 and lockdown, my life had changed whether I liked it or not. I was no longer free to pick myself up and surprise a family member with a visit, go for a walk, visit the shops, go out for dinner, kiss or even hug someone outside of my bubble. Lockdown taught me what was important and what many of us take for granted: health, family, liberty and relationships. It truly brought home to roost that the world had been on a hamster wheel, distracted by distraction, busied by things that were not important, no work-life balance and existing instead of living. But as heart-breaking as things are like loved ones passing away, businesses closing, people losing their livelihood, relationship breakdown, loneliness, upheaval and rise in mental illness, I have become more grateful for what I have. I have learned to make my self priority after God and I am seeing things start falling into place. I am on a conscious journey to fulfilling who I am, my cup will overflow and from that overflow my family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, clients, strangers will receive the best of me. Being of service is so rewarding by the small act of checking in to see how someone is and hearing another voice on the line brings a smile to my face. Arranging Zoom breakfasts and dinners where I can dress up, put on a bit of makeup, high heels and wear some perfume gives so much joy and makes the effort worth it. Lockdown has made me very creative, resourceful and positive. I have made a commitment to myself to focus everyday at being a better me until it becomes like breathing. I will treat everyday as a day filled with new opportunities and get to know and love myself more. What will you focus on today?

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